I have engaged Adrienne Gans in several roles as an organizational consultant and an executive coach.  In both roles, Adrienne proved to be a highly effective individual who truly impacted change in the Scholastic workplace. She facilitated a strategic planning session resulting in a successful cross-channel marketing program.  I also saw productive changes in the senior managers coached by Adrienne, accelerated through her knowledge of business as well as psychology. Adrienne is easy to work with, insightful, trustworthy, can bring humor to the pressures of business, and most importantly, she gets results.  I would definitely recommend Adrienne and would hire her again.
Barbara Marcus
Former President
Scholastic Children’s Book Publishing and Distribution.

Dr. Adrienne Gans has been involved with New York University for many years in multiple capacities.  In the last few years she has taught graduate students in the Industrial-Organizational Masters program that I lead in topics such as Executive Coaching, Quality of Work Life, Psychological Testing, and Group Dynamics. Adrienne is a seasoned professional with direct consulting experience within the corporate environment.  Her knowledge and skills are highly regarded, and her ability to help lead and teach others to improve organizational effectiveness is well documented. The approach that Adrienne takes combines a strategic perspective with a grounded practical component.  She helps to envision the broader issues, while remaining firmly connected to addressing the realities of the current situation.  Her expertise in psychology helps facilitate the participative involvement in recommended alternatives. Insightful, dedicated, diligent, and practical, Adrienne assists others to find better solutions.  Working closely with Adrienne can be a valuable experience, and certainly one with high potential for enhanced success.
Scott Eggebeen, Ph.D.
I/O Coordinator
Clinical Professor
New York University
Formerly: Senior Director, Booz Allen Hamilton
Vice President, Executive Resources, Merrill Lynch

Coaching with Adrienne resulted in a significant clarification in goals and a sound basis for action steps to achieve those goals. I believe she has an excellent process for business leaders or teams to use in breaking-through those inevitable “roadblocks” on the path to finding innovative solutions to their business problems.
John F. Betak, Ph.D.,
Principal Collaborative Solutions
Formerly, Vice President Conrail

I developed a clear vision and implementation plan for leading SF National Association of Women Business Owners this year. Adrienne’s outstanding facilitation has depth and practicality, helping to think through plans for program innovation and continuity of an organization’s mission. Her process, PlaySolving isn’t just another brainstorming tool; it helped bring my creativity into action through targeted follow up planning and coaching. As a result, SF NAWBO is in high gear to serve the needs of local women business owners and to contribute to the national organization’s agenda for equality.”
Susan Grant,
2001/02 President San Francisco National Organization of Women Business Owners

Adrienne Gans’ talent is being able to think strategically and perform tactically. She coached our technically-oriented management team on how to speak with the press and ensured that our content was customer-focused. Her efforts resulted in our winning the “Best of Show Product Award” and in attracting new clients.
Bill Stratigos
Chairman of the Board
R2K, Inc.

I grew as a CEO and my senior management team became more cohesive. Adrienne helped us first define a competitive business strategy and saw us through to an effective product launch.  Her insights helped us think through complex product planning, and her operational skill helped us execute a successful marketing program. We gained significant marketplace visibility and key business alliances. In addition, Adrienne helped us gain leadership and operational leverage to execute our plans.
Lynne Waldera, Ph.D.
CEO, InMomentum, Inc.

In two short hours I prototyped a sales strategy with her technique, PlaySolving, and accomplished more than I would have in a two-day retreat led by a skilled facilitator.
Gerald deKerchove,
Principal, PdK Consulting

Adrienne is a most knowledgeable and skillful facilitator.  She sees both the business issues and the personal dynamics and how they intersect. Always stimulating, thoughtful, new insights, great materials.  Has depth of knowledge and took me to a new place.  Experienced in the field and a pleasure to work with.  Positive and encouraging.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to break out of old ways of thinking and learn from interaction of other accomplished professionals in a leadership forum.”
Susan Shargel, CLU ChFC
Shargel & Co. Insurance Services.

Participating in the leadership forum helped me focus on my business goals and come up with a comprehensive, workable plan for action.  I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Adrienne as I work the plan.
Nina Winans, Vice President & Co-founder
Winans Construction, Inc.


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